Is There a Chance You're Being Cheated On? Here's How To Discover If Your Partner is Cheating

Published: 18th December 2008
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In about 50% of the relationships some kind of cheating is involved. This is a terrible fact, but numerous relationships end due to dishonesty from one side or another more and more these days. Do you desire to know how to catch a cheater? Here is a simple method of discovering if your partner or spouse is cheating.

It is not hard to do and you can know in under 2 hours once you start. Let's go over this strategy in 3 simple steps.

Step One:

This part is the toughest - try to grab your partner's cell phone (when you won't get caught) for about 10 minutes. You should be able to do this since it is only for 10 minutes - just pick a good time.

A few suggestions for doing this are: do it when they are taking a bath, maybe they will take a trip to the store and leave it at home, or maybe the best time is when they are sleeping then take it to a different room to look at it. You are the best judge of the right times though, these are just a few samples of how some have done it.

Step Two:

When you have their phone in your possession, I want you to find the "call logs" on the phone (the history of phone calls). It's important to look at each and every call (both incoming & outgoing).

Write out every phone number that you see on these lists. Even if there are numerous calls this should only take you about 10 minutes - after put the phone back where you got it.

Step Three:

Here is the last step in discovering if there is suspicious stuff going on with your relationship.

You are going to need to find out who owns each phone number that is one the phone. This is going to let you discover the exact names of everyone your spouse has been chatting with.

You can find whose phone number it is by looking in the reverse lookup online phone directory. This is a key point in helping discover a cheater.

Reverse lookup will give you all the information on the phone's owner. You will discover not only the person's identity but also their address and some information on their background.

A service that specializes in reverse look up will need to be used for this. They are not too expensive but do cost a bit of money. A tip is to use a service that offers a "membership" option where you only pay a one-time fee for unlimited searches. This will stop you from having to pay for every lookup you do - something that would get very expensive.

Yes you got it - do a reverse look up on each number you made a list of and copy the details down. As you are running the search on the numbers, pay attention to the list and see if the names or call activity start being suspicious. If there's something that isn't "quite right" it will jump off the page at you.

This is one of the easiest and definately the cheapest way to find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is being unfaithful. It's an unbelievably easy way to get some answers about your relationship and your partner's faithfullness.


The nice thing about these searches is that they will also uncover full details on unlisted numbers such as cell phones (they are often called cell phone reverse phone lookups).
Click Here to try one out for free so you can see exactly how they work.

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